Ancient history

 Part I – Identifications – 50 points total – 10 points each You will identify ALL FIVE items below. You may in bullet points or a short paragraph. Make sure to identify all from the questions of: who? what? where? when? what is the significance? Significance is half the total points, so you need to make sure you discuss WHY this identification item is significant for understanding world history and connect it to one of the course themes. What does it tell us about past people, places, or ideas and why does that matter? beer alluvium Mauryan dynasty ancestor worship cuneiform Part II – Primary Source Analysis Mini-Essay – 50 points total Identify what source this snippet comes from! “Now, in war, besides stratagem and the situation, there are five indispensable matters. The first is called The Way; the second, Heaven; the third, Earth; the fourth, the Leader; the fifth, Law. 1) The Way or the proper conduct of man. If the ruling authority be upright, the people are united; fearless of danger, their lives are at the service of their Lord. 2) Heaven. Yin and Yang; heat and cold; time and season. 3) Earth. Distance; nature; extent; strategic position. 4) The Leader. Intelligence; truth; benevolence; courage and strictness. 5) Law. Partition and ordering of troops. These things must be known by the leader: to know them is to conquer; to know them not is to be defeated.” Question: The above snippet comes from a source you have already read. What is the purpose the author’s discussion of war? Who is the audience of the primary source? That is to say, why did this source get written down and what can we tell about this society from the source? What major themes of the class (religion, technology, political power, and/or trade) does it connect to? Make sure that you argue WHY this source is significant for understanding ancient civilization. The mini-essay should be two paragraphs (around 300 words) – you need to write a mini-essay that includes an argument, evidence, and analysis of the primary source.

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