Case Study: The Journey to Become Chambourcin Wine Company of Virginia

On a particularly harsh day in early November, William and Wendy Vine met at their favorite New York City restaurant in the West Village. Ordering a bottle of their favorite wine, the couple toasted their six-year wedding anniversary. William shared stories of his day spent trading on Wall Street and Wendy updated him about the latest book she had acquired for Random House. They were living their dream, but after days like today when the sleet made the city gray and cold, they started discussing whether it was time to make their move. William and Wendy had long dreamed about moving south to Virginia because of the climate and their roots. William and Wendy met while William while visiting her brother at the University of Virginia while she was studying at Mary Baldwin College. They married at a local vineyard the following Spring in 1999. Was the time right to make their move? And because they certainly weren’t young (or rich enough) to retire, they needed to consider what they wanted to do to keep busy and build up their savings so that they could retire comfortably at some point. The couple had considered many options for their move south and the start of their second career. Bed and Breakfasts were certainly an option, but it didn’t appeal to their sense of adventure or their ideas for sustainability and contributing to the community. Farming held appeal, but as vegans, livestock was out and they wanted something that felt special. As their discussion continued they kept returning to a really wild idea – what about wine? They ordered another bottle of their favorite wine and thought of the possibilities. William and Wendy decided that they might be ready to make the move, but first they needed to do more research. Since Wendy was the research maven of the pair, she volunteered to look at some of the issues that were specific to the wine industry. And since it would take some time to be ready to leave the city, Wendy agreed to have all the research complete by the end of the month so they could decide by the end of the year. In early December, the couple met after work at the same restaurant and once again ordered their favorite bottle of wine. Wendy reached into her bag and pulled out two copies of a bound report on the feasibility of their dream. William was a little surprised that Wendy was giving a formal presentation but he knew how important this decision was for them both. But being William, they both knew that he would turn to the summary SWOT analysis: Strength Weakness Enthusiasm Sustainability of the Crops Capital Financial Resources Availability of VA Vineyards Competition Location Availability of Land

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