computer since 10


I took this course online it’s called Cc50 ( computer Science) On edx website to earn a certificate but i should pass to earn it
And the only way to pass is to answering 9 questions

So i need one to login In the website behalf me and answer the questions


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health assessment 42

Discussion Question:

In general, what findings in the physical assessment of a healthy older adult do you expect to be different than that of a healthy 35-year-old?

Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.

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nursing paper 11

Picot question: In patients with diabetes mellitus 2, what is the effect of diet control as compared to medication in the management of the disease given six months. The setting is a general practice clinic for patients 18 years and older.

In a paper of 500-750 words, clearly identify the clinical problem for the picot question and how it can result in a positive patient outcome.

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evaluate two alternative proposals for building a new superstore and a proposal to make a takeover bid for helibeb plc you have the option to build the superstore at one of two locations

Discussion of target:

•How can our system of target-setting and our key performance indicators be used.

•Consider the balanced scorecard?

Remember you are discussing the process of setting targets. You do not actually have to propose any targets here


•Preferably S.M.A.R.T. ones

•The Addressee should preferably have some influence on whether they are implemented.

•But remember that this Addressee has limited powers, so the report must make it possible for the Addressee to make a strong case to someone else.

*NOTE, Use figures from your timed examination. This has been uploaded

* Minimum of 25 references using the APA referencing guide

*This report must be written in BRITISH ENGLISH. An example, Organisation is the correct british english and not Organization

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political science research methods final exam

Political Science: Research Methods Final exam

((( you have to be Statics majore )))

i have worked with 3 people her and i was not happy about the work. The work is very important for me because its final and there is no way for kidding, copying from google or other stuff.

be honest with me and be honest with your self. read the instructions before you decided to do the work.

as i said this is very important and i had 3 bad experience.

the file attached below is clear as a water ((( read read read before you say im ready and i can do it )))

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process of grief

The Process of Grieving

The goal of this discussion is to use the stages of Kubler-Ross’s grieving process to relate to a person’s responses to an artifact linked to death.

Like developmental stages, the process of grieving the loss of a significant other, parent, or sibling can be recognized as a transition that helps us to integrate that loss. Using the reading about the widows’ rings and the article related to dying and career focus from this unit’s studies (linked in Resources), choose one of these women and consider the stages she might have passed through during her grieving process. Which of them do you feel has demonstrated the stages Kubler-Ross identified as acceptance?

  • As a human behavior professional, what help would you solicit to understand the cultural forces involved in mourning and dying for any of these widows?
  • What professional support can be developed to form a community of service for someone?
  • To what extent do you think it makes a difference that the women were or were not employed before the death of their spouses?

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poli330 presidential advisor discussion

You are an advisor to the president tasked with cutting at least $300 billion from the budget. Explain why

you chose those cuts.

Domestic programs and foreign aid

foreign aid to African countries$17 billion, eliminate farm subsidiaries$14 billion,

cut pay of civilian federal workers by 5% $14 billion, reduce the overall federal workforce by 10% $12 billion,

cut aid to states by 5% $29 billion


cut the number of nuclear warheads, and end the “star wars” missle defense program $19 billion, reduce military to pre Iraq war size and further reduce troops in Asia and Europe $25 billion, cancel or delay some weapon programs $19 billion


enact medical malpractice reform by reducing the chances of large malpractice verdicts $8 billion, increase medicare eligibility age to 68 $8 billion, raise social security retirement age to 68 $13 billion,

existing taxes

return real estate taxes to Clinton-era levels, passing on an estate worth more than $1 million to their heirs would have portions of those estates taxed. $50 billion, end tax cuts for income above $250k a year, $54 billion, end cuts for income below $250 a year $172 billion, payroll tax increase for people making over $106k annually contributing more to social security and medicare $50 billion

new taxes

institute a millionaire’s tax on income above $1 million $50 billion, add a national 5% sales tax $41 billion, add a tax on carbon emmissions $40 billion, tax banks based on their sizes and the amount of risk they take $73 billion

Total gap covered by your budget plan $__________________

APA format

reference list (at least 2)

no more than 1 1/2 pages please

undersdtanding politics: ideas, institutions, and issues Magstadt

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food and beverage management discussion 2 3

Mr. Gilchrist continues to share his insights with us about his success and challenges at the Flora-Bama Lounge. This started as a package store and has continued to grow and thrive, even after Hurricane Ivan destroyed it. He has about 7 different stages/bars within the one complex now. This is very informative and good take-aways. Please share your thoughts.

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enc1101 questions 6

Read the story on page 873 Soraya Chemaly: What’s Really Important about “Trigger Warnings”

Answer the following questions in a word document


1. Chemaly claims that arguments about trigger warnings are proxies for discussions of “deeper problems” (1). What are these problems?

3. Chemaly writes that our sense of empathy is “informed by epistemology, status, and stereotypes” (5). What does epistemology mean? How is this term related to empathy?

4. According to Chemaly, “the idea that any trigger warnings constitute censorship is not only incorrect but also definitively misleading” (8). Why?

5. What are trigger warnings fundamentally “about”? Do you agree or disagree with Chemaly’s point?

Purpose and Audience

2. Where does Chemaly address opposing arguments? How effectively does she refute them?

3. Does Chemaly make concessions to those with opposing points of view? If so, how do these concessions affect your view of her argument?

Style and Structure

1. Chemaly begins her argument by mentioning Jennifer Medina’s essay “Warning: The Literary Canon Could Make Students Squirm.” Why do you think Chemaly begins this way?

3. How does Chemaly use cause-and-effect in her essay? Point to specific examples.

4. Vocabulary Project. In paragraph 1, Chemaly says, “Conversations about trigger warnings, however, seem more and more like superficial proxies for ones about deeper problems on campuses regarding diversity, equality, the corporatization of education, and, the dreaded word, privilege.” What is a proxy? Where else in the essay does Chemaly use this term? In each instance, what point is she trying to make?

5. In paragraph 13, Chemaly says, “Those most inclined to resist on the basis of ‘censorship’ appear to frequently be the same people who take their free speech and autonomy for granted and their truth as normative and universal.” Does she provide enough evidence to support this generalization? Explain.

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write six commentary essays 1

Our essays will put forward an interpretation of the text in the form of an argument comparing multiple texts or multiple parts of the same text. You must use specific passages from the readings to ground your argument. The essay should be approximately 375 words, 12 point Times New Roman, and double-spaced. Underline the thesis statement.

I need six different commentary essays, one for each of the following texts:

Gospel of Matthew (this link is only for book 1, please use all the 28 books)…

Gospel of Luke (this link is only for book 1, please use all the 24 books)…

Acts of Paul and Thecla

Gospel of Thomas

Infancy Gospel of Thomas

Revelation (this link is only for book 1, please use all the 22 books)…

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