Fashion during 1930’s

Description Research About The 1930’s Era. Analyze how fashion influenced these categories: • History / Background about the era ( briefly) • Silhouettes • Fabrics (relate the following to fashion): • Social Changes • Important Events • Economic Changes • Conclusion Assignment requirements: 1. Written Assignment 2. 2000 Word Count document 1.5 spacing 12 size Font 3. Reference Page -Research Paper should contain original and interesting introductory passage. Structure is clear and easy to follow. Interesting Transitional sentences, which contain clarity and detail. Consistent progression between ideas. -Report is very clear and informative to the reader content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive. Excellent analysis of Era relating it to Fashion, social changes, economic changes & important events in a clear manner. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of topic. -No punctuation, spelling, grammar or vocabulary mistakes. -All the following requirements are applicable: 20000 WORDS (6 PAGES), Essay typed in 12pt, Correct citation of references and bibliography, Minimum of 4 visual examples (pictures).

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