Gene Ownership

Objectives 1. Discuss how the primary structure of nucleic acids is the order of bases in the polynucleotide sequence, and the secondary structure is the three-dimensional conformation of the backbone. 2. Discuss the monomers of nucleic acids are nucleotides. 3. Discuss how the bases are bonded to the sugars, forming nucleosides. 4. Summarize how nucleosides are linked by ester bonds to phosphoric acid to form the phosphodiester backbone. 5. Specific proteins called single-strand binding proteins bind to the single-stranded regions and protect them from nucleases. 6. Spontaneous mutation of bases and insertion of the wrong nucleotide would normally lead to an error every 10^4 to 10^5 Using the Online Library, your digital material, and other scholarly websites, discuss the following: What are your feelings regarding the article? Describe, in detail, what the following statement means, “What can be patented is purified DNA containing the sequence of the gene and techniques that allow the study of the genes.” How do you see the patenting of genes/DNA impacting science and medicine over the next 30 years? Do you believe this trend is ethical? Why/why not?

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