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MRKT 606

Final Exam


The Final Exam is worth 100 points, which is 20% of your final grade. Below

are questions for the final examination. You are to respond to all three

questions. Each question is worth a different weight, which is noted after the

question. This is a take home exam and is open book. You may use any and

all materials, but you may not discuss the exam or work on answers with

others. The answers must be your own.

The questions are designed to test your understanding of the course material

and your ability to apply the theories and concepts discussed. Read the

questions carefully and be sure to address what is being asked. Independent

research may be required to properly answer these questions. Please cite

your sources. Just reciting principles that you have learned from the course is

a starting point, but not a complete answer to these questions. Remember,

that specific examples of ideas and concepts are a preferred way to

demonstrate application.

All answers are to be formatted double-spaced and in 12 point type or larger

for 8.5″ x 11″ paper in Word.

You are to number the pages of your exam. There is a strict page limitation

and any material over the page limitation will not be read. Put your name on

the cover page or as a header on all pages.

Remember to submit the exam to Turnitin before you upload it to the

assignment folder and indicate the match percentage.

Your are to upload your exam to your assignment folder no later than

Sunday, August 10, 2014.
1. Your client is a US based, multi-channel direct marketer of expensive

($200-$300) bathing suits for women 21-30 years old. They have

asked you to develop a plan to expand their business globally. They

would like to look at three countries with large seacoasts: Brazil, the

United Arab Emirates and Spain. They would use direct mail initially.

a. What are the major criteria that you would use to choose a

country and how does each country fit with those criteria?

b. What are the major considerations in creating marketing

communication for these three markets?

c. Are there mailing lists available in the three countries? From

whom? How many names and addresses do these lists have?

d. Which of the three countries would you choose as the best for

this expansion? Why?

(3 pages )

2. You have been retained to provide recommendations for a new

catalog. The company who will fund this new marketing venture has

no prior experience in the catalog area, nor any merchandise that they

favor. They are open to recommendations for any merchandise or

target market. They do want a good ROI on their investment.

Please provide your recommendations in the following areas:

a. What merchandise should be offered and why?

b. Who is the target market for the catalog and why that target market?

c. How would the catalog be positioned and why that positioning?

d. Who is your closest competition? How would you differentiate your

catalog from them? Why would that differentiation strategy be successful?

e. What lists would you use to launch the catalog? What is your rationale for

using those lists?

(2 pages )

3. A number of companies and their customers have been affected by a

recent breach of security at Epsilon. NY Times Article on Epsilon

Security Breach. You have been hired by Citibank to develop a plan to

deal with this issue. In the short run, you need to create an integrated

direct marketing campaign to communicate with your customers on this


a. What is your recommended objective for the campaign? Why?

b. Who is your target? Why? What list would you use to

communicate with them?

c. What communication channels/media would you use for this

campaign? Why?

d. What message(s) should these channels communicate? Why?

e. What actions should be requested from the customer?

f. What other key elements, not addressed above, should be

included in this plan? Why?

Remember to be specific and justify all of your answers and


(2 pages)

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