Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal – Reducing Patient Falls

For this assessment you will create a 3 page plan proposal for an interprofessional team to collaborate and work toward driving improvements in the organizational issue you identified Patient Falls while Hospitalized ( please see attachment for this project must follow the proposal, solutions given there)
Describe a plan proposal that includes an analysis of best practices of interprofessional collaboration, change theory, leadership strategies, and organizational resources with a financial budget that can be used to solve the problem identified through the interview you conducted in the prior assessment.
Please see document enclosed with guidelines and step by step how to do this project, must use same sources enlisted on the original paper.

The health care industry is always striving to improve patient outcomes and attain organizational goals. Nurses can play a critical role in achieving these goals; one way to encourage nurse participation in larger organizational efforts is to create a culture of ownership and shared responsibility (Berkow et al., 2012). Participation in interdisciplinary teams can also offer nurses opportunities to share their expertise and leadership skills, fostering a sense of ownership and collegiality.

Sample Solution

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