Investigative Report about Artificial Intelligence and its effect on the future jobs

 Prompt: In this project, you will build on the rhetorical skills you developed during the Rhetorical Analysis Assignment as you investigative an issue, problem, or phenomenon; establish trustworthy and researched facts and details to help readers understand the effects of the issue; and then argue for its relevance to your chosen audience. We will begin this project by exploring five relevant topics as a class—the Millennial Generation, Public Space, Whose Lives Matter, STEM vs. STEAM, and Food and Culture. You will choose one of these topics to explore for your Investigative Report. By the time you write the report, you will be an expert on your particular topic, and your task is to urge your audience to learn more about this issue, as it affects them too. you will be asked to correctly integrate and punctuate at least one quotation in your Investigative Report. Format: Your final draft should be 4-5 pages (double-spaced, TNR font, 1” margins). When citing your outside source(s), follow MLA format Criteria for Evaluation: Your report should (1) argue for the exigence of the topic under your investigation; include a concise thesis statement that identifies a clear rhetorical audience; (2) explain multiple perspectives on your topic and how they approach the issue at hand using clear topic sentences and analysis to support them; (3) use a variety of sources (textbook readings, library research, and so on) that are credible, relevant, and properly cited following MLA guidelines; and (4) employ a correctly used introductory or parenthetical expression set off by commas, as well as a correctly integrated and punctuated quotation.

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