James Joyce The Dubliners

 Through DETAILED analysis (capital letters substituted for bold font) , compare and contrast the tone that James Joyce evokes in any TWO of the short stories. (listed below) Explain what YOU FEEL Joyce is implying throughout the lives of the sories’ main protagonists. Your introduction MUST CLEARLY STATE YOUR THESIS AS WELL AS OUTLINE EXPECTED FINDINGS. keep your thoughts organized so that each idea leads to the next in a logical manner. Each paragraph MUST HAVE its OWN DISTINCT POINT/TOPIC. Your conclusion must be meaningful and not mere repetitive summation. QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE! USING MLA format. Chose two from the following short stories to compare and contrast tone: “The Sisters” “An Encounter” “Araby” “Eveline” “The Boarding House” “A Little Cloud” “Clay” “Grace” “The Dead” Note from the buyer: I can no longer accept work that does not follow the provided guidelines. Please do not accept this assignment if you are unable to complete each specification.

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