I’ve looked at a similar question that appears in the physics web assign homework for the week page and the wording as well as presentation is the same. Nothing is missing from the question below. It doesn’t appear that you have knowledge or prior exposure to this to be able to assist. PS. I found a homework assignment in course hero’s data base. Note answer to the problem above.

Comparing the information in letter c as it compares to the other lines above. My question is are course hero tutors physicist majors? The spring mass combinations should mean much to a physicist.

  A mass m is attached to a spring with spring constant k, as shown in the figure below.

The mass is pulled to the right a distance of 0.2 m and released. Rank the following spring-mass combinations according to their oscillation periods from longest to shortest. If any combinations have the same period, give them the same rank. You should assume that there is no friction between the mass and the horizontal surface. (Use only “>” or “=” symbols. Do not include any parentheses around the letters or symbols.)

  1. k = 0.6 N/m; m = 0.50 kg
  2. k = 0.6 N/m; m = 1.00 kg
  3. k = 0.6 N/m; m = 2.00 kg
  4. k = 1.2 N/m; m = 0.50 kg
  5. k = 1.2 N/m; m = 1.00 kg


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