Microsoft Project 2013

No plagiarized work PLEASE!!! A system is used to check all internet sources for matches so please make this original. I will be checking myself. Your help is appreciated ^_^

The assignment does say use MS Project but I can take a word document and just move it over accordingly.

I have attached the rubric for you to follow for guidance.  The scenario I have selected is below:

Scenario 2: New Sales Application Implementation Your company has a number of different locations, spread across a wide geographical area of the state. The company is going to start using a new application, and that application needs to be installed at all of the physical locations. You have been assigned the project manager role for this project. Each location currently has a different way of keeping track of sales and receipts. Some use pen and paper, while others use individual Excel spreadsheets. The new application will standardize how the company will track sales and receipts, and the application will report in to a central server to collect all the sales data from all the locations. A business analyst will interview representatives from each of the physical locations to determine how they currently do business. They will complete a gap analysis that will reveal the differences between their current way of doing business and how the new application will require them to do business. Each location will also need training to ensure that the users there can use the new application once it is installed.

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