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 Design and create marketing pieces for a business. You can choose an existing business or create one. To assist with marketing, the business requires a brochure that advertises their services. Include address and contact information somewhere in the brochure. The business also requires a two-page newsletter that shows their expertise in the business. Include one article that relates to the business. You can choose to write a story in your own words that informs the reader about the topic, or chose an existing related piece from For the remainder of the stories you can use Latin placeholder text. Include appropriate images in both pieces and make sure you consider the design principles and colour theory we covered the first week. Royalty-free images can be found at, and Be sure to include all components listed in the criteria below. Brochure business is clearly identified address and contact information is included graphics or images used appropriately page layout is correct (ie when printed and folded the panels will appear in the correct order) Newsletter contains a nameplate appropriate, interesting headlines for articles contact information can be found in a masthead jump lines used eye catching pull quote threaded text boxes graphics or images used appropriately You are to design and create your own original marketing pieces. Y Course Learning Outcomes Addressed Evaluate and incorporate layout and design elements in an online or printed document Employ colour theory to produce well-designed documents Produce a variety of marketing, personal and business related documents such as brochures, newsletters, ads, business cards and web sites Manage a desktop published project within a specified time frame You should have a newsletter publisher file, newsletter pdf file, brochure publisher file and brochure pdf file. Also make sure to include a bibliography in a separate Word file with the sources you used to write your stories and any sites you have used to acquire images from. Use APA format for citing your sources

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