New World Development Company Limited Marketing Strategy(4P+5C+Brand+SWOT) in Singapore

Description The Company: 1. Select one Hong Kong company that is either conducting businesses in other countries or interested in going global. (We have selected the company New World Development Company Limited which is a Hong Kong real estate and property development company.) 2. Summary of one current(less than 8 weeks old) news related to the company’s global actions (from BusinessWeek, Fortune, Harvard Business Review,, the Wall Street Journal,, or Google/sohu) 3. the company’s 4P+5C, brand, market segment/positioning, SWOT, customer relationship management, critical success factors, service quality, selling techniques, product samples/ad videos, research data analyses adopted by the firm. ONE FOREIGN COUNTRY ENTERED/ OR TO BE ENTERED (GET MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WEBSITES FOR COUNTRY INFORMATION) 4. the foreign country’s profile, your own experience (if any), search culture shocks, Hofstede culture index, and marketing in that country, find videos of that country, and google search jokes, interesting facts, business culture in that country. 5. compare the country against Hong Kong(CHINA) (in aspects of Economy, Population, Industry, Imports, Exports, Brands, Ads, Education, Government, Food, Music, Clothing, etc.) Your own thoughts, opinions, suggestions: 6. Foreign country entry-mode choice and whys 7. adaptations of the company’s 4P+5C+Brand in the foreign country and whys 8.Your 3 key take-away points on how the Hong Kong company can marketing better and sell more in that foreign country

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