python fix the error

python the ATM system

I wrote all the codes but there is an error please fix it and explain it to me how you fix the error

because I want to explain to my professor how I fix it and before you fix it take screenshot to the error

This project will be “ATM SIMULATOR”. I will be using steps/instructions found at this site

  • Description of the Project

I always want to know how the ATM system work I like the ATM system because it allows me to withdraw money and deposit money any time.

ATM system, it includes different functions which include Account Statement, Withdrawing, depositing amount and changing the pin.

This project allows me to show that I have learned how to use the if statement, elif, while True, loop, lists and Quit…………

For example, while loop checks existence of the entered username I will use the

while True.

ATM SIMULATOR Project contains all the essential features.

please answer the two question

  • Programming Process (Project Diary)
  • Overall thoughts about the project
  • I attached example for the answer word file
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