The Road to Disunion

The Road to Disunion Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Final Untest The Final Untest is just like the Midterm Untest and comes at the beginning of the Units and not at the end and I encourage everyone to talk about these course materials through participation avenues (Piazza and video comments) to gain a deeper understanding of the history, which will improve your untest. Remember that although I encourage you to discuss important elements of the units with each other, the Untest is an individual assignment – everyone must do their own original work. Start thinking about the untest as you work through Units 3 and 4 – no need to cram at the end. Answer the Reflective Questions as you move through each lesson and case study (this will also help you deepen your understanding of materials for the untest) and turn in the Reflective Question set at the end of Unit 4 for extra credit. Open the file to view your Untest. The upload for the Untest will be at the end of Unit 4 FINAL UNTEST This is an open note/material/resource assignment. You may discuss all you want about the Units through Piazza, but this assignment is to be your own original work. PART I. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS – 20 points total In this section, you must create FOUR quality multiple choice questions over the basic facts of units 3 and 4. Create questions over key pieces of historical fact that are the most important for the overall understanding of unit materials. Questions can be over concepts, ideas, people, places, events, etc. The question should be meaningful and not a “gotcha” question. Your correct and incorrect answers should be clearly identified (you should have a minimum of 4 answers per question) and a test taker should have to stop and consider the answers carefully. Once you have crafted your four question and provided four answers to choose from (identify your correct answer), you must then explain the question. Why did you think this question was important enough to be on your imaginary exam? Why is the correct answer correct and the incorrect answers wrong? Why did you choose the answers that you did? Do this for each of the four questions. II. KEY IDS – 30 points total In this section, you must create THREE IDs for a test. IDs are key people, places, events, or concepts (so “George Washington” or “trickle-down economics” for example). For each ID you will provide a sample answer (explaining the who/what, where, when, and why it is important). After providing your ID and sample answer, you will then need to explain why you chose this ID for the list, what makes it so key that it should appear on your imaginary test? Do this for each of the three required IDs. (so two parts – sample answer and then explanation – for each of the three IDs)

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