Theiss-Morse and Hibbing (2005)

 Description 1. In your own words, briefly summarize the reading(s) 2.. Identify at least one strong point (i.e. one good argument) from the reading(s) 3. Identify at least one weak point (i.e. one critique that you have) from the reading(s) Article Summary:Choose one of the articles (or book chapters) from your “Article Search” assignment and briefly summarize it. Your summary should contain the main argument made by the author(s), how they tested their argument (e.g. What data did they use? What variables did they use?), and whether or not their analysis supports their argument (i.e. the authors’ conclusion). Please include a citation in your summary so that I know what article/chapter you are summarizing. Your summary should be no more than two pages, double-spaced, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font and 1” margins.

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