Tone on the novel: Tragic Hero

Text Needed: “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oliver Wilde

What is the tone? What aspects of the novel create the tone? How does it affect your interpretation of the events in the story? Based on how the novel is written (not your personal opinions) could the tone be read differently by another reader? How? Why? Be specific–use examples from the text for support.

Discussion 2: 350 Words Minimum

Texts Needed: Oedipus and Hamlet

Aristotle defines a tragic hero as “a person who must evoke a sense of pity and fear in the audience. He is considered a man of misfortune that comes to him through the error of judgment.” According to this definition, who is the “better” tragic hero–Oedipus or Hamlet? Defend your choice using the definition of a tragic hero and examples from the play. Remember to use act, scene, and line numbers in your parenthetical references when citing

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