Wasteland by T.S. Elio

Is the Wasteland by T.S. Elio hopeful or pessimistic?
Explain why it is either hopeful or pessimistic and why it isn’t hopeful or pessimistic.
This is a long paper so please do not be too repetitive. Argue your points to the very core. Use
quotes, but not too many, most importantly fully answer the question is it hopeful or pessimistic
with textual evidence and secondary resources from libraries and university databases.
Some context to start you off. T.S Eliot regarded as a poet who writes about loneliness,
boredom, and emptiness around the 20th century. He began to predict more issues about
pessimism after the First World War. He frustrated himself and pessimists about the future lives
that people would have later. The poem consists of some symbols; water, music and singing,
and the fisher king. Those portray some meaning–water symbolized both life and death. He
tried to explain to the reader that water can both harm and bring some luck as well. Water can
both help for restoring life, but also lead to drowning and death, like what the character name
Phlebas the sailor from The Waste Land.
Sources to be used:
All the poems in the wasteland by T.S Eliot
The bible
Internet Scholastic articles (Must be from universities or from google scholar)

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