What is deviant about drug use?

CITE YOUR SOURCES. Required length is 3 FULL pages. 1)Using the Relativist Perspective (Ch. 3), particularly Labeling Theory, (SEE NOTES ON Blackboard) and the information we have reviewed thus far in class, answer the following: i. What is deviant about drug use?(Heroin) 1. Define at least three specific attitudes/behaviors/and/or conditions, using just our social experiences and expectations (our NORMS) which can be analyzed as deviant and explain why our “mainstream” society views this as deviant. 2)Note at least two of the sociologists that are primarily associated with the RP. 3)Using the RP and LT, examine at least 3 specific attitudes/behaviors/and/or conditions which addicts engage in that are NORMS for their population. (You can use the same NORMS as indicated in #1.)

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